photography for the wildly in love

We are Bek and Addison, husband and wife, and together we photograph weddings and portraits.

People are our passion, photography is our love. We pour our heart and soul into the stories we tell. We’re eager to hear the things you’re passionate about and what you love most about each other. We want to get to know you well enough to call you friends. We are lovers of authentic emotion, of big celebrations, and intimate backyard gatherings. We are inspired by the coming together of people, and the cheering on of a new chapter. We love and live for Jesus; his grace in our lives is our source of inspiration.

We love nature and all things green and growing. Good coffee and music fuel us. Moody light and houseplants make us happy. Travel is in our blood and we’re always dreaming of our next adventure. We make our home in the Kansas City area but are always eager to capture stories in new cities. 

We can’t wait to hear about your wedding day, your family, or even a simple HELLO.

Adventurous photographers located in Kansas City